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fun things to do in labo

Find your own Paradise

It’s no exaggeration, with the three – mountain surrounding the town of Labo and rich with tropical forest and farm; you can find your own paradise even without a map. 


Just book a travel in Labo and enjoy the natural beauty of the destinations. Refresh and clear your mind in the cold water of the nearby resort. You can also experience adventure by trekking in the Rocky Mountains and visit the longest cave in the province.

Go on Foodventures

It’s no secret Filipinos love their Food. That’s why tourist loves to try new and unusual food here in Labo.

Here are some dishes to try:


Adobo sa Gata

It’s a dish of marinated pork or chicken but usually native chicken. Instead of soy sauce the typical adobo, they will put Coconut Cream, unripe Papaya and chili. Serve with hot rice and Enjoy.



One of the town’s native dish. It is made of cassava or sticky rice. It is the locals favorite snack and usually serve in different occasions. It is usually eaten sprinkled with sugar and paired with hot cocoa or coffee.


ginataang tabagwang

Labo also offers exotic food such as frog, snake, and more. You can find the different kinds of exotic dishes in the barangays and the most popular is the Tabagwang in Brgy. Fundado. It is a snail cooked with coconut milk and gabi leaves.


Sinigang na Banak

A popular filipino dish flavored with either tamarind, calamansi, guava or even green mango, but what unique of our sinigang is we use banak, one of the fish that caught in labo river.



Another coconut dish, It is grated cotton fruit (santol) with coconut cream, meat, chili, dried fish or sardinas. One of the local dishes orginated at Bicol Region. 


Mountain Climbing

There are three mountains surrounding Labo which you can visit,

Mt. Bagacay, Mt. Cadig & Mt. Labo. These three mountains will surely enjoy by the mountaineers and tourists who seeks adventure. These mountains can be a hiking destination for mountain lovers. It offers splendid and picturesque view and most importantly it has a rich ecosystem.



You’ll never run out of things to do here in Labo. You can try exploring the Manambuwaya Cave which is located in Brgy. Fundado. It has a historical event which was happened during the Japanese Occupation. And Bag-angan Cave, the longest cave in the province with 24 chambers but only few are allowed to visit. The cave has also different species of flora and fauna.



Stress! Stress! How to manage your stress? Relaxation is not the only thing you can get in the spa. You can also get in from the nature. Many people are stressed from their work and school. Therefore, if you want to relieve your mind, you can go to different places in Labo. You can visit the Maligaya Falls for its refreshing and cold water. By submerging in the cold water, it will make you feel calm and revitalized. There’s also a saying that “Liligaya ka sa Maligaya”.


Experience festival

If you want to experience the culture in Labo you should definitely visit the town fiesta and the Busig-on Festival. It has a lot of activities such as float parade, street dancing, amazing race and more. The Busig-on Festival also has boodle fight featuring dishes with coconut milk. Everyone is invited to join the boodle fight and it is once recognized by the Guinness World of Records as the Longest Display of Ginataan Cuisine.