departments & offices

Economic Development

The Economic Development Cluster is responsible for introducing economic growth and development in Labo. These departments & division shall secure that the town of Labo continuously progresses in terms of its economy.

Fiscal Management

The Fiscal Management Cluster takes charge in properly collecting the finances of the Local Government of Labo to support the program of the town. This cluster ensures that there is transparency between the Laboenos and the Local Government.


The Infrastructure cluster is responsible for the interconnectivity of the city and ensures the convenience of the Laboeños. The cluster focuses on the enhancement of the infrastructure development of the town by ensuring efficient and transparent management of its resources.

Public Administration

The Development Management and Public Administration ensures that the processes of the Local Government of Labo are properly alighed for convenience of the Laboeños. Also, this cluster takes charge in providing quality service for everyone.

Social Services

The Social Services Cluster is composed of the various Local Government departments which cater to the basic needs of the Laboeños. This also includes services in education, health and security.